Pictures drawn by Lucy in Year 3.

The Friends of St Catherines (FOSC) is a charity made up of parents and staff at our school. Whilst fund-raising is a major part of what we do, there’s a lot more to it. FOSC provides lots of ways of making the time children spend at school a fun and happy time whilst reaching out to the community, local charities and businesses.

We raise money through events such as our summer fete, Christmas bazaar, school discos, quiz night, second hand uniform sales and performance photos of children’s shows.  

We try to get together at the start of every term to get ideas flowing and get to know each other a little.

Our committee members


Annie Mitchell

since 2016

Vice Chair

Annette Dorman

since 2016


Alison Aldrich

since 2017


Julie Hughes

since 2017


Zoe Castellano

since 2017

Website Manager

James Craker

since 2019

Second Hand Uniform

Alison Williams

since 2019

Stalls Co-ordinator


since 2019

Games Co-ordinator

Lorna Catchpole

since 2019