Dear Parents
We think it’s good to share with you where the money we work so hard to raise is going and what we are
hoping we can achieve in this school year.

At St Catherine’s, we are very lucky to have such a varied and full curriculum, and this year the school need
desperately to update all of the computers our children use to complete some of their learning outcomes.
FOSC recognise and support many different initiatives the school identify as important but we feel this
particular request regarding technology should be made a priority. Our children need to be equipped and
taught using the latest affordable technology.

The children are well provided with laptops and ipads, but current laptops are so well used that they are
struggling to cope; whilst the school has done a good job of maintaining and updating where possible, we
want to support the staff in ensuring that the children are able to use the very latest technology.

We would like to raise funds for 60 new Chromebooks, which will be matched by the school purchasing 30
further Chromebooks, allowing us to have 90 computers available for lessons in all the classrooms by the
summer term. We already have £6000 allocated for this request, but still need to raise funds of £6000.

As we are all acutely aware – school funding has decreased over the past few years and budgets across the
country are very tight. All expenditure is very carefully reviewed and approved, but the Governors have
also agreed this should be prioritised as urgent.

We are looking for ideas and organisers to raise the other £6000 by the end of the summer term with fresh
new Chromebooks available from September.

We will continue to organise and create fun events for children and parents but as ever the plan is to raise
money which will be spent on this Chromebook initiative.

I hope you will support us and join us in person at events or perhaps even organise an event to help us get
to our magic number.

Annie Mitchell & The FOSC Committee

Santa’s Grotto

Our Santa’s Grotto (at the Christmas Bazaar on Thursday 12th December) is very popular and there are only a few spaces left.